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The books, calendars and cases of wine can be picked up at Casa Navàs once the COVID-19 confinement period is over.

Casa Navàs offers gift vouchers so that everybody who wants to can come to the house at a lower price. The gift vouchers do not have a specific end date so they can be used throughout the whole of 2020. The packs include entrance tickets for the different visits offered by Casa Navàs, its books, wines and the calendar. These products can be picked up at the entrance to the house when it opens up again. The discounts will apply as long as the COVID-19 confinement period lasts.

Choose your pack

PACK 1 - 16,00 €

  • x2 entrance tickets*

PACK 2 - 22,00 €

  • x2 entrance tickets*
  • Casa Navàs Calendar

PACK 3 - 24,00 €

  • x2 entrance tickets*
  • Casa Navàs Jigsaw Puzzle

PACK 4 - 29,00 €

  • x2 entrance tickets*
  • “Vivint a Casa Navàs. 1982-1998” book of poems

PACK 5 - 40,00 €

  • x2 entrance tickets*
  • “La Casa Navàs, by Lluís Domènech i Montaner” book

PACK 6 - 43,00 €

  • x2 entrance tickets*
  • 1 wine pack

Important advice

*These entrance tickets can be exchanged for the Vermouth Visit entrance tickets by adding 4 € per ticket.
*If you would like more tickets, the price is 8 € per additional ticket. The minimum to be able to buy the pack is two entrance tickets.

What do the packs include?

Guided visits

Through the Casa Navàs guided visits you can discover all the details and curiosities of one of the most important works in European modernism. Specialist guides will accompany you for an hour through the inside of this gem built by Lluís Domènech i Montaner in 1908.


Vermouth Visit

If there is a drink that represent the city of Reus it is, without a doubt, vermouth. That’s why, every Saturday and Sunday, those who take the 1pm guided visit have the option to stay for a while longer on the terrace and taste vermouths by Vermuts Miró. Music and a small aperitif will liven up the occasion.


Casa Navàs has two books that offer more information about this modernist emblem. “La Casa Navàs, by Lluís Domènech i Montaner” is a book written by several experts who elaborate on all the applied arts preserved within the house. We would also highlight the large number of photographs showing the inside of the house. The other book, “Vivint a Casa Navàs. 1982-1998”, is a collection of poems written by Maria Font de Rubinat, the last person to live in the house.



The internationally acknowledged winery Clos Galena and Casa Navàs have been working together for a long time. The wine “Secrets de Casa Navàs” was presented last December. A wine with a Mediterranean essence elaborated within the Terra Alta Designation of Origin. Both red and white versions have been produced on vineyards that are over 30 years old.


A good way to organise the weeks is the Casa Navàs calendar. Each month is illustrated with a spectacular photograph of one of the interiors of this modernists gem.


Jigsaw Puzzle

For family fun, the jigsaw puzzle is made up of 40 wooden pieces. The puzzle is an illustration of the Casa Navàs façade and the city’s human tower group, the Xiquets de Reus.