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Casa Navàs would like to offer a special tour for the Festa Major de Misericòrdia that combines Art Nouveau and a habaneras concert


Saturday 2 October at 18.00 and 19.00


17 €


1 h 30 min

Most of Art Nouveau buildings in Catalonia were commissioned by Indianos who made good in
America. Apart from their wealth, they also imported habaneras, sailor tunes native to the
island of Cuba. This genre took deep root in Catalonia, that is why Casa Navàs would like to
offer a special tour for the Festa Major de Misericòrdia that combines Art Nouveau and a
habaneras concert.

The experience begins with a guided tour through the noble floor and ends with the concert
and a fine vermouth tasting at the terrace. Les Veus de Reus group will provide the music.

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Visita guiada planta noble


Degustación de vermut

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What are you going to see

Staircase leading to the dwelling

Its decoration is a manifestation of the richness of spaces that await us in the rest of the house and an exhibition of decorative arts, with beautiful samples of mosaics, ceramics, artistic carpentry, metalwork, stained glass, applied sculpture and sgraffito.

In the ceiling we can see a skylight of stained-glass windows with a iron and wood structure, and on the wall a great ceramic mosaic with the representation of a garden.


Entrance hall

It is a large double height space in which an interior garden always in bloom is recreated, where we find flowers and leaves in sculpted stone, stained glass, metal and woodwork. The floor is of mosaic made with marbles of different colours in the shape of a butterfly.

Dinning room and lounge

Decorated with fruits and vegetables, with capitals that refer to hunting and fishing and a small gathering space around the chimney, built with olive wood. The mosaic above the door stands out for the relief on the faces of the characters.

Room dedicated to social life, decorated with photographs of the owners. The walls are upholstered with silk, the sofa is decorated with images in relief and in the centre of the room there is a golden lamp with floral motifs. The main gallery opens onto the Plaza del Mercadal, paved with Roman mosaic.


Master bedroom

The master bedroom is made up by a living room and bedroom, separated by a stained glass and woodwork closing.

The ceiling of the room stands out, with a flat vault covered with ceramic mosaic that repeats the same decorative model of the room’s furniture.

The bedroom communicates directly with the bathroom, decorated with a large stained-glass window and with original sinks, bathtub, bidet and footbath from the period.


The kitchen occupies an important space on the noble floor, covered with ceramic, with a flat vaulted roof. The structure of the freight elevator that connects it directly to the shop has been preserved. Here they had to prepare the meals for the Navàs family and the shop workers.

Leaving the kitchen we enter Mr. Navàs’ office and Mrs. Blasco’s room for sewing or receiving visits.



The Terrace offers a large outdoor space with ceramic mosaic pots on wrought iron legs. On thepavement of the terrace are the three large glass skylights that illuminate the shop, and on the walls two large mosaics remind us of King James I leaving Salou by boat for the conquest of Mallorca and an ideal view of the city of Thessaloniki, which recalls the presence of the Catalans in Greece.

Music chamber and fireplace lounge

Through the service staircase, made of forge, we access the second floor, with ceramic wainscoting and hydraulic paving.

A space for the family’s personal use and for the relation with the workers, with recreation areas such as the music room, with its pianola and a splendid chimney.

One of the values of this floor is the view from the upper galleries of the openings of the staircase and the entrance hall, where, in addition to a diaphanous view of the Roman mosaic floors, one can enjoy the rich play of transparencies that results from the succession of stained glass windows and that enables us to see a group of birds flying freely over an immense sky.


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