Estigues al dia de tot allò que envolta la Casa Navàs

The new Experiències Casa Navàs Festival bets on the artistic talent of the territory

  • Experiències Casa Navàs has programmed magic, music, dance, theater, and a multidisciplinary performance for June 7th.


The Casa Navàs in Reus launches the Experiències Casa Navàs Festival, a new way to get to know the interior of the modernist building and spaces that are not usually shown to the public, and, at the same time, to discover four artistic pieces created by professionals from different disciplines from the territory. So, while the public visits Casa Navàs, in different rooms they will meet artists such as magician Jordi Caps, musician Silvio Álvarez and dancer Ovidi Álvarez, actresses Marina Buisan and Nataniel Sánchez, musician Toni Just,  actress and dancer Aïda Pitarch, and plastic artist Guillem Duran. The first edition of the festival will take place on Friday, June 7, and four shows will be offered between 19:30 and 21:00.

Since its opening in 2018, Casa Navàs has always gone hand in hand with its closest cultural network and has opened its doors to all sorts of initiatives. So far, it has programmed theatrical actions, concerts of various genres, dance, book presentations, lecture series, photographic visits, and tastings… and has collaborated with other events such as the Accents Festival by hosting some of its performances. Now, Casa Navàs goes a step further and creates its festival intending to project the talent of artists from Reus and its surroundings.

Thanks to Festival Experiències Casa Navàs, the audience will visit the interior of the house, through an unprecedented tour that will show spaces that are not usually shown, for example, the basement of the building or the bomb room on the second floor.  Throughout the tour, the visitor will find four 20-minute scenic pills created by professionals of the territory, which will include music and dance, magic, theater, and a performance that will combine a dramatized reading with music and plastic arts.   


Discover Casa Navàs through different performing arts.


Festival Experiències Casa Navàs has programmed four shows of different disciplines so that the public can enjoy first-hand artistic experiences quite varied among them and get to know the house in a more enriching way, in this case from the performing arts. The new festival is born under the precept that art creates art.  So much so that of the four shows programmed, two new creations have been inspired by the house itself, one of which has been produced by Casa Navàs.

One of these shows, “Consemblant”, has been created expressly by the young artists Silvio and Ovidi Álvarez from the inspiration that the space where it will be shown, the store of Casa Navàs, has generated. Once again, they have joined forces to create a show that combines contemporary dance with music, and that deals with the symbiosis with technology.

On the other hand, Casa Navàs has decided to produce the performance “Reus en guerra” based on texts selected by the journalist David Fernàndez from the book “Viure sota les bombes. Els bombardeigs a Reus 1937-1939” by Ezequiel Gort and Salvador Palomar, and the conference “La Guerra Civil en la memòria personal” by Ezequiel Gort. This performance mixes the live music of the guitarist Toni Just, the painting of the plastic artist Guillem Duran, and the reading of texts played by actress Aïda Pitarch. The show will be performed in the basement of the house, a space that connects with the air raid shelter in the Plaza del Mercadal. 

Another of the planned productions will be performed by Jordi Caps, one of the most renowned magicians and mentalists in Catalonia, who in 2022 was proclaimed the first and only magician to win the television program Got Talent.  With “A propíssim” (“Very close”), Caps has prepared a show that will include card magic, mentalism, and, for the occasion, also modernist touches.

Finally, the company Les Candidates will present the micro-theater play “Interrail”, performed by the actresses Marina Buisan and Nataniel Sánchez.  “Interrail” is a short play, a realistic, agile comedy with a tragic and sincere undertone, which aims to give voice to everyday situations in which women can see themselves reflected and where men can reflect on their gender privileges.

Tickets for the Festival Experiències Casa Navàs cost 23€ and will allow you to tour the interior of the Casa Navàs accompanied by a guide, and enjoy the different shows scheduled during the two hours that the show lasts. The members of the Club Casa Navàs will have a preference to book their tickets, they can do it from today until May 13 by sending an email to [email protected]. From May 14 onwards, anyone who wishes to buy a ticket can do so at Casa Navàs itself, at the Gaudí Centre Tourist Office, and through the website




Performance. “Reus en guerra” with Aïda Pitarch, Toni Just, and Guillem Duran.

Dance and music. “Consemblant” with Sílvio Álvarez and Ovidi Álvarez.

Magic. “A propíssim with Jordi Caps.

Theatre. “Interrail with Marina Buisan and Nataniel Sánchez from the company Les Candidates.

Date: Friday, June 7.

Schedule: 4 shows: 7:30 p.m., 8:00 p.m., 8:30 p.m., and 9:00 p.m.

Duration of each show: 2 hours.

Admission: 23 €.

Tickets: Casa Navàs, Gaudí Centre Tourist Office, and



“REUS EN GUERRA” with Aïda Pitarch, Toni Just, and Guillem Duran.

Performance that combines dramatized readings, music, and plastic arts, to evoke the bombings that Reus suffered during the Spanish Civil War.


Text reading and playwriting: Aïda Pitarch.

Music and sound design: Toni Just.

Plastic arts: Guillem Duran Masip.

Script: David Fernàndez Solé.

Texts: Book “Viure sota les bombes. Els bombardeigs a Reus 1937-1939 by Ezequiel Gort and Salvador Palomar, and the conference “La Guerra Civil en la memòria personal. Plegar els morts amb pales. Els bombardeigs de l’hivern de 1938″ by Ezequiel Gort.

Coordinator and producer: Sílvia Sagalà.

Executive production: Casa Navàs.


Aïda Pitarch. Trained in dance and theater at the Centre de Lectura de Reus schools, and later studied Musical Comedy at Coco Comín’s academy. Professional experience and participation as an actress or dancer in various productions of Port Aventura, Cía. PlanB, Cía. La Suite Produccions, Cía. La Gata Borda; also in the Festival Mussart in various productions of Francesc Cerro, and “Le fabulose voyage de Pop et Corn” (international tour), among others. Teacher in Primary Education, and also in dance and theater.


Guillem Furan Masip. A multidisciplinary artist, he works halfway between installation and painting with works that revolve around social and institutional criticism. His projects usually present a bill that plays with sarcasm and helps to emphasize his irreverent discourse. 


Toni Just. Guitarist of pop, rock, soul, funk, and blues He has been part of bands such as La Soul Machine, Lexu’s, Roger Benet i els Oximorònics, The Cucos, Jesús Fusté, Garbuix orquestrina, Eïl… Currently, he is part of the band Sardines and is the director of the school Laboratori Musical in Reus.


Consemblant with Sílvio Álvarez and Ovidi Álvarez.

Beyond our control, an invisible hand kidnaps us and includes us in a place of halogen technology.  Like a stranger who survives, like an outsider who interprets an unknown language.  Learning to be, in a body that does not belong to us.  Discovering a new status. The inevitability of symbiosis with technology.

Ovidi Álvarez.  Dancer and choreographer from Reus graduated from the University of the Arts in Amsterdam. Choreographic director and winner of the Òrbita 2023 award in the Performance category.

Silvio Álvarez. Musician, composer, and music producer from Reus, graduated at the Conservatori del Liceu. Sound designer and performer.  He is currently recording the project On-a in the city of Reus.


“A PROPÍSSIM” with Jordi Caps

 Synopsis: They say that whoever does not believe in magic will never find it, and will never be able to see it… But whoever believes in magic can surely see it everywhere.  Inside Casa Navàs there is magic everywhere,  do you dare to discover it? Experience magic up close with an exclusive show with amazing card magic games and powerful mentalism effects, by the hand of one of the most renowned artists of the Spanish magic scene. Jordi Caps, the first and only magician to have won the television contest Got Talent, has adapted his show for the occasion with modernist touches related to the Casa Navàs.


“INTERRAIL” with Marina Buisan and Nataniel Sánchez from Cía. Les candidates

“Interrail” is a life journey that Marina and Nats, two friends who have known each other since high school, go through.  Now in their “fateful” thirties, they reflect on shared moments, existential doubts, and decisions made under the social pressure of being a woman in this patriarchal society. 

Performers: Marina Buisan and Nataniel Sánchez.

Director: Rómulo Assereto.

Playwright: Jaume Viñas.

Company: Les candidates.

Les candidates. Rocío Balagué and Marina Buisan came together in October 2017 with the desire to make theater from a feminist perspective and bring it to the public from a comic and critical vision.  They believe in the need to make social theater to give voice to the injustices present in their day to day. In 2021 the actress Nataniel Sánchez joined the company.

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