Vermouth Visits

If there is a beverage for which Reus is known for is, without a trace of doubt, vermouth.


Every Saturday and Sunday at 12pm and 1pm, except in the summer months


General: 19,00 €


1h 30 min.

If there is a beverage for which Reus is known for is, without a trace of doubt, vermouth. Vermouth is a white wine that has been macerated with herbs, and it began being produced in Reus during the 18th century by many families using traditional techniques. In the 50s, Reus had over thirty producers that made more than fifty brands of vermouth; afterwards, the beverage suffered a downfall, and some years ago vermouth experienced once again another boom achieving international prestige. Nowadays, there is not one single person that visits the city and leaves without first trying the famous vermouth of Reus. 

The Vermouth Tour begins with a guided tour inside Casa Navàs. Once the guides have explained every detail about this Art Nouveau gem, the visitor gets to the terrace that Domènech i Montaner designed a century ago. There you can enjoy the red, white, and vintage vermouths by Vermuts Miró.

Visit details:

  • Guided visit

  • Tour + vermouth

  • Tasting in the terrace

  • Price: 19 €

  • Ambiental music

  • We recommend buying the ticket in advance

About the visit

Guided tour

With the guided visits at Casa Navàs it is possible to discover all the details and curiosities of one of the most important pieces of European Art Nouveau. Specialized guides will accompany you during one hour through the interior of this jewel, built by Lluís Domènech i Montaner on 1908.


The Terrace offers a large outdoor space with ceramic mosaic pots on wrought iron legs. On the pavement of the terrace are the three large glass skylights that illuminate the shop, and on the walls two large mosaics remind us of King James I leaving Salou by boat for the conquest of Mallorca and an ideal view of the city of Thessaloniki, which recalls the presence of the Catalans in Greece.

Vermuts Miró

Vermouth Miró was founded in the city of Reus in 1957 specializing in the manufacture of packaged products, and especially in the preparation of traditional Vermut de Reus. But since its origins, the Miró family winemaking and wine flavored liqueur prodcution were mainly in bulk. 2014 was the 100th anniversary of Miró family, and thanks to entrusting the passion from generation to generation they can presume of a long tradition (you can feel it in their products essence).

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