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Domestic tourism saves summer for Casa Navàs

Casa Navàs is the more visited tourist and cultural facility in Reus During the autumn-winter season, it will maintain and expand its cultural offerings Casa Navàs’ occupancy balance after the summer is positive despite a complicated season due to the health situation. While it is true that international attendance has dropped considerably, domestic visitors’ attendance

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The reconstructed gable now shines on the façade of Casa Navàs

The reconstructed gable now shines on the façade of Casa Navàs The inauguration has taken place this Thursday evening before the expectant citizens gathered in Mercadal Square. Reus, 9th of July 2020 After months of waiting, the Casa Navàs gable is now a reality. It has been inaugurated this Thursday evening under the gaze of

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First gable stones placed at Casa Navàs

The first decorative gable stones have been installed at Casa Navàs today. This is a very delicate task as each piece weighs one tonne and that is why a 32-tonne crane with a 32-meter reach has been required, along with the excellent professionalism of all those involved. Five decorative stones in total will be put

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Casa Navàs will close temporarily

Casa Navàs shuts its doors temporarily starting the afternoon of the 13th of March. Following the OMS’ and the sanitary authorities from the Catalan Government recommendations, the owners have made this decision to reduce the propagation of the Covid-19 pandemic and with the intention of avoiding any hold ups of the sanitary system. As a

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