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Casa Navàs will close temporarily

Casa Navàs shuts its doors temporarily starting the afternoon of the 13th of March. Following the OMS’ and the sanitary authorities from the Catalan Government recommendations, the owners have made this decision to reduce the propagation of the Covid-19 pandemic and with the intention of avoiding any hold ups of the sanitary system. As a

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Nearly 32 thousand people have visited Casa Navàs during 2019

This figure represents an increase of 214,70% compared to 2018. The majority of visitors are from Catalonia, followed by international ones and then Spanish visitors. Casa Navàs closes 2019 with a total of 31,719 visitors. This has been the first year that this modernist emblem has been fully operational, opening every day of the week

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Works start on the reconstruction of the Casa Navàs gable

The gable will be made with natural stone from Vinaixa The works are forecast to be finished before Easter Week The reconstruction works of the Casa Navàs gable have already started. Setting up the scaffolding has begun today and work on the roof will begin next week. Finally, the Catalan Government has accepted the use

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Ferran Adrià speaks at Casa Navàs

Ferran Adrià, one of the most prestigious chefs in the world, has visited Casa Navàs. He has done so within the framework of some private events that are held in this unique building where Adrià was the guest of honour. The chef has visited Casa Navàs along with the rest of the guests and was

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“Be a witness, experience the change” campaign

Despite the fact that the current aspect of Casa Navàs is not the original one, it is true that for most Reus people today’s image is the one that they associate this emblematic modernist building with, because they have always seen this way. In one month’s time, the reconstruction work on the gable will begin

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Casa Navàs will recover its gable in 2020

The reconstructions tasks will end before Easter Setting up of the “Be a witness, experience the change” campaign in order to immortalise the façade’s current appearance The Spanish Civil War changed the physiognomy of Casa Navàs forever. Now, eighty years later, the current owners of the house have decided to give it back its original

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