Exhale Casa Navàs

Exhale Casa Navàs is a performed visit that blends the essence of
the guided tour with the dance show Exhale.
Visitors will connect with Casa Navàs and its history through movement.


Thursday, July 27 at 8.30 p.m.


€39 (with dinner) / €27 (without dinner)


2h 30 min.

The Indra Dance Company, formed by the dancers Anna Borràs Picó and
Daniel Navarro Lorenzo, premieres the show Exhale Casa Navàs. This is a
unique revision of the show Exhale, the result of the two artists’; visit to
Casa Navàs. The connections and movements that the beauty of this
modernist jewel suggested to the dancers will allow the visitor to
rediscover the house through emotions. Exhale Casa Navàs is an
exclusive production, created on the occasion of the Domènech i
Montaner’s Year, which can only be seen on Saturday 8 July.

Exhale Casa Navàs will consist of an exclusive guided tour with dance pills that
Borràs and Navarro will offer throughout the tour of the main floor of the
building. The experience will culminate in the old fabric shop with a review of
the Exhale show, in which fabrics will play a special role. All this intertwined with
a tasting of Vermuts Miró and a standing dinner on the terrace, where visitors
will be able to interact with the dancers.

Tour details:

  • Performed tour.

  • Dance

  • Vermouth tasting

  • Dinner

  • Suitable for all audiences

About the visit:


To create Exhale Casa Navàs, two dancers with international careers, Anna Borràs and Daniel Navarro, have let themselves be carried away by the beauty and history of the Casa Navàs to adapt Exhale. It is a show that speaks of the passage of time and the interpersonal connections that are established between individuals; two concepts very present in this Art Nouveau jewel. Casa Navàs has witnessed the social transformations that the city has undergone for more than a hundred years, despite remaining practically untouched, and the connections that have been established between those who have lived there, visited it or shopped at the establishment have been infinite. Undefined and intertwined paths that, like the fabrics sold at Sucesores Navàs, have been woven by those who have contemplated it and who have longed for it.

Indra Dance Company

Indra Dance Company is a contemporary dance company created by Anna Borràs from Reus and Daniel Navarro from Barcelona, with a fresh and innovative vision. Born in 2010, while studying in Barcelona, the company has established itself between the UK, Switzerland, and Spain. Since then, they have not stopped working and presenting their shows in countries such as Holland, China, Singapore, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Norway, and India.


Exhale Casa Navàs
Director, choreographer, set designer, and wardrobe: Indra Dance Company
Stage development: Sílvia Sagalà, Benjamín Miguel y David Fernàndez
Performers: Anna Borràs Picó y Daniel Navarro Lorenzo
Guides: Benjamín Miguel, Neus Ceballos y Pilar Rubio

A Casa Navàs and Indra Dance Company’s production

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