Estigues al dia de tot allò que envolta la Casa Navàs

Nearly 32 thousand people have visited Casa Navàs during 2019

This figure represents an increase of 214,70% compared to 2018.

The majority of visitors are from Catalonia, followed by international ones and then Spanish visitors.

Casa Navàs closes 2019 with a total of 31,719 visitors. This has been the first year that this modernist emblem has been fully operational, opening every day of the week throughout the entire year. If we compare with 2018, with 10.079 visitors, there has been an increase of 214,70%.

The Catalan public have shown most interest for the work of Lluís Domènech i Montaner. With 13,298 people, which represents 42% of visitors throughout the year. To this data we should add the 5,508 people from Reus who have taken the visit, which makes the percentage increase 17% more. After the Catalans, international visitors were the ones whose presence was most noted in Casa Navàs. With 7,243 people, representing 23% of the annual visitors. Finally, 5,699 visitors have come from the Spanish State, which translates into nearly 18% of the total.

The owners of Casa Navàs positively evaluate these results and thank the trust given by all those who wanted to discover this gem of European modernism. When the new phase of the house began, they were convinced of getting a good response from the citizens, but the results have greatly exceeded expectations, a fact that shows that opening Casa Navàs to the world was a pending issue in the city of Reus.

The origin of the visitors

Analysing which Catalan cities have had more presence in the annual results, Reus leads the ranking, just in front of Barcelona, with 5,131 visitors. The podium is completed by Tarragona, Lleida, Sabadell and Girona, in that order.

Regarding international public, France is by far the main (2,748 people) visiting foreign country, followed by Russia (893 people), Germany (613 people) and the United Kingdom (446 people).

Once more, the Valencian Country (1,397 people) is the Spanish autonomous community that has brought most visitors to Casa Navàs. From the Community of Madrid, 879 people have come and from the Basque Country, 694 people.

Visitor profile majority

The profile of the people who have visited Casa Navàs during 2019 has been very diverse. Analysing all of them, it could be said that, from 2,260 people, the type of people who most visit this building have been from Reus with a general entrance ticket (from 15 to 64 years old). With 2,127 people, it is followed by people from Barcelona who are over 65 and then 1,898 people from Barcelona but with a general entrance ticket. Finally, with 1,250 visitors, the French with a general entrance ticket represent the fourth position of the majority profile of visitors to Casa Navàs.

The most requested visiting times are from 12 to 1pm and the busiest days were registered during the month of August.

New activities at Casa Navàs

One of the success secrets in 2019 was the diversification of proposals at Casa Navàs. This summer, the “Premium Visit” was set up and these were guided visits with wine and vermouth tasting on the terrace of the house in the evenings. And in Autumn, another two proposals were started: the “Modernist Nights”, which are visits with modernist concerts and dinner in the shop, and the “Vermouth Visits”, which include a guided visit to taste vermouth at midday on the terrace.

All of these initiatives have been warmly received among the visitors, so much so that all of them had to be extended. In the case of “Modernist Nights”, the pass has been extended to include the first Friday in February, March and April. At the moment, the February one is already full. Casa Navàs aims to continue offering new activities so that the public can fully enjoy the only modernist building in Europe that still conserves its original interior.

Private Events

Another highlight of 2019 were the private events activities. There have been many different ones like the presentation of restaurants in the Ganxet Pintxo event organised by Estrella Damm, the presentation of the Omega watch, by Solanes Jewellers or the dinner to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Misericòrdies Association of Reus.

The interest shown by companies and associations to carry out some type of outstanding celebration in such a special place as Casa Navàs is growing, in fact, for 2020 several bookings have already been made.

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