Estigues al dia de tot allò que envolta la Casa Navàs

Vermouth Visits at Casa Navàs

If there is one drink that represents the city of Reus that is, without a doubt, vermouth. Vermouth is a white wine macerated with herbs that began to be produced in a traditional way by many families in the city during the eighteenth century. In the 1950s, Reus had around thirty producers who manufactured some fifty brands of vermouth, then the product experienced a decline and a few years ago the Vermouth from Reus appeared again achieving international recognition and prestige. So much so that today whoever visits the city does not leave without trying Reus Vermouth.

Following this idea, Casa Navàs will start the ‘Visites Vermut’ (Vermouth visits) the upcoming 16th of November. Every Saturday and Sunday, those who take the guided tour at 1 pm will have the option of staying a little longer on the terrace of the house tasting vermouths by Vermuts Miró. As was done with the Premium Visits this summer, Casa Navàs continues to collaborate with Vermuts Miró to bring this genuine drink from the city to visitors. The ‘Visita Vermut’ costs €15 and will include a tasting of  the Vermut Miró Blanco, the Vermut Miró Roig and the Vermut Miró Reserva. The evening will be enlivened by a musical selection and there will be a small snack. If the weather does not allow the tasting on the terrace, it will be transferred to the old fabric shop of Casa Navàs. The ‘Visites Vermut’ will last until June.

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