2023: Domènech i Montaner Year

The objective of Casa Navàs is to spread the work and the figure of the prestigious Catalan architect
The historical re-enactment festival ‘Reus, 1900. Festa Modernista’ stands out.

Casa Navàs will organize twelve activities, one per month, to commemorate the centenary of the death of the architect who designed it. This highly transversal program allows one to discover the many facets of Lluís Domènech i Montaner. Among all the acts that are presented, the historical recreation festival ‘Reus 1900. Festa Modernista’, the exhibition ‘Lluís Domènech i Montaner. Patrimoni de la Humanitat’ and two new guided tours: one led by Domènech himself and the other by the dance company Indra Dance Company. All this will culminate in a final surprise that will be revealed in December. In addition, as the result of a collaboration with El Tomb de Reus and the Unió de Botiguers, you can visit the house for only 7 euros until June.

Lluís Domènech i Montaner was a polyhedral figure, beyond his best-known facet, that of an architect, he also stood out for his political, historian and humanist side It is precisely this transversal character that Casa Navàs wants to spread with the extensive program that it has presented on the occasion of the Domènech i Montaner Year. There are a dozen activities among which we will find historical recreations, exhibitions, dramatized visits, dance, conferences, painting and workshops the objective of Casa Navàs is to make visible the figure of this prestigious architect who, despite having built buildings as imposing as Casa Navàs, the Institut Pere Mata, the Palau de la Música or the Hospital Sant Pau, is still unknown to some.

The schedule for the first semester of the year is detailed below:

Schedule at La Casa Navàs of the Domènech i Montaner Year

Special promotion discount checks to visit Casa Navàs

Campaign start: January 31

Discount checks will be distributed in establishments associated with the Unió de Botiguers and El Tomb de Reus

Collective photographic exhibition 'Mirant la Casa Navàs'

From February 28 to March 12

Location: Casa Navàs store

Premiere of the new dramatized visit guided by Domènech i Montaner 'Un somni amb caràcter'

Saturday, March 18

Visit the noble floor and shop of Casa Navàs

Reus 1900. Festa Modernista

April 15 and 16

Plaça del Mercadal and Casa Navàs


II Casa Navàs Rapid Painting Contest

Saturday, May 20

Plaza del Mercadal

With the collaboration of Art Gallery

School exhibition: ‘Fes la teva casa modernista’

From June 5 to 15

With the collaboration of Centre Recursos Pedagògics del Baix Camp

Dance. ‘La Casa Navàs com a font d’inspiració’ (Casa Navàs as a source of inspiration)

Detailed information not yet available

Casa Navàs vermouth presentation

Detailed information not yet available

III Cycle of Conferences ‘Casa Navàs, testimonis Modernistes’

Detailed information not yet available

‘Lluís Domènech i Montaner. Patrimoni de la Humanitat’

Detailed information not yet available

Heraldry Workshop

Detailed information not yet available

Final surprise!

Final surprise postponed!

Dans la perspective du deuxième semestre 2023, l’activité de la Casa Navàs liée à l’Année Domènech i Montaner continuera d’être frénétique. Au fur et à mesure que la date approche, tous les détails des activités seront finalisés.

Testimonials history Casa Navàs

In addition to the events presented, Casa Navàs would like to take advantage of this year to collect the testimonies of all those people who, either first-hand or through a direct relative, have had any relationship with the house throughout its history. We are looking for testimonies from people who worked at Sucesores Navàs or in the house itself; who received medical care from Dr. Nolla during the period in which he worked at Casa Navàs; people who were involved in the construction of the house; or those who have knowledge of an important anecdote or episode.

From now until September, all those who can provide a valuable testimony can notify us by sending an email to [email protected] or at the door of the house. During the months of October and November, these people will be invited to record their testimony. Depending on the documents obtained, the final use of the material will be assessed. The main goal of this action is avoiding the loss of these valuable accounts of the historical memory of Casa Navàs over the years.

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