April 2023

«Reus 1900. Festa Modernista»


April 15 and 16

Plaça del Mercadal and Casa Navàs

As it was the second city of Catalonia, it is not surprising that so many modernist buildings were built in Reus. The high bourgeoisie wanted to reflect their social status and for this, they commissioned majestic houses to be built for them that did not go unnoticed by those who walked through the streets and squares of the city. During Modernism, 54 constructions were designed in Reus. Undoubtedly, the most prolific architect of this movement in Reus was the municipal architect, Pere Caselles, and the one who made the most important constructions was Lluís Domènech i Montaner. Fortunately, the city of Reus preserves a good part of these modernist buildings, headed by the Casa Navàs located in the heart of the city.

Taking advantage of the Domènech i Montaner Year as a premise, Casa Navàs and the Reus Promotion Agency organize the historical recreation festival ‘Reus 1900. Festa Modernista’. An event that will revolve mainly between the Plaza del Mercadal and the Casa Navàs, and that has the will to count on the complicity of many other agents involved. The objective is to flag the years in which the city of Reus became the motor of the country and position the city as one of the main modernist squares in Catalonia.

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