The works on the roof of Casa Navàs have started this morning and these should culminate with the reconstruction of the gable. The works to recover this element of the house, which was destroyed during the Civil War, began at the end of January and, since then, the stonecutters, professionals from Pedra Maties de Solsona company, have been sculpting the panels of the crowning. During the next two weeks, they will have finished all the reproductions and, therefore, now is the time to prepare the roof of Casa Navàs for the gable.

Throughout this week, the roof will be raised, and work will begin to vary its geometry. Next week, a three-dimensional steel structure will be installed and this will be supported on the existing pillars and a triangle attached at the rear of what will be the gable. Using the plans of the three-dimensional steel structure, a new roof with ceramic dovetail, thermal insulation and reusing the original tile for the finish.

If the weather conditions and the state of alarm due to the COVID-19 pandemic permit, the forecast is that, in the middle of May, placing the gable stones will begin. The goal is to have the entire reconstruction process completed before the end of June.

April 27, 2020

The campaign, #TotsFemSantJordi, has been set up so that all the citizens of Reus decorate their balconies with homemade roses to coincide with the day in honour of the Patron Saint of Catalonia. The same day, Casa Navàs will start to sell gift vouchers with entrance tickets and other products with exclusive discounts. It will also open up a new section on its website so that all the family can play with modernism.

Undoubtedly, Saint George’s Day is one of the most significant dates on the Catalan festive calendar. This year, due to the current state of confinement, the 23rd will not be as radiant as it usually is. With the aim of filling the streets with colour, Casa Navàs encourages the Reus citizens to decorate their balconies through the #TotsFemSantJordi campaign, an initiative which, in Barcelona, has been set up by Casa Batlló.

The idea is very simple, just get some recycled materials, paints, plasticine, papers and/or colours and let your imagination go wild and make some roses to decorate the city’s balconies. Casa Navàs has already bedecked its own; but it had to be done in a more minimalist way than last year because the scaffolding, which was put up for the reconstruction of the gable, covers most of the façade. Reus City Hall also supports this initiative and is considering decorating some of its municipal buildings.

In order to share the citizens’ creations, they should take a photograph of their balconies and/or while they are creating the decoration and post them on Facebook and Instagram with hashtag #TotsFemSantJordi and tag the Casa Navàs profile, (@casanavas.reus).

Discounts to visit the house

Saint George’s Day is a special day to spread culture and, therefore, on the 23rd of April, the sale of gift vouchers will start so that everybody who wants to can visit the house at a lower price. The gift vouchers will not have a specific end date so they can be exchanged throughout 2020. The discount packs will include entrance tickets for different visits that Casa Navàs offers, its books, wines and the calendar or the house’s jigsaw puzzle. They can be purchased through the website and they will be on sale as long as the COVID-19 confinement lasts.

Have fun with Casa Navàs!

On Saint George’s Day, Casa Navàs will also open up a new section on its website where it will post activities for all the family to play. There will be workshops for handcrafts, drawings to paint related to modernism, mosaic creations, word searches and find-the-difference games. The section will gradually upload new activities.

April 19, 2020