Entering Casa Navàs is like leaping back in time to learn about the day-to-day life of the bourgeoisie at the beginning of the 20th century. Now, Casa Navàs wants to go one step further by giving visitors the opportunity to put themselves in the shoes of the people from Reus of the last century with the ‘Nits Modernistes’ (Modernist Nights). In addition to the guided tour, the initiative also allows visitors to discover what kind of music they heard at the time while tasting a standing dinner in the emblematic Navàs Blasco shop.

Between 1900 and 1930, it was customary to go to the theatre to see works performed for violin and piano by the best-known Catalan composers of the time. At the end of the concert, people went to fashionable bars, where the atmosphere was more festive and offered music with the most popular and modern rhythms. These two blocks are what we will hear in the proposal presented by Garbuix Duet (Albert Galcerà and Albert Carbonell). A first part with works by Frederic Mompou, Manuel de Blancafort, Enric Morera, Enric Granados, Eduard Toldrà … composers and creators of the Catalan musical modernism; and a second part with French tunes for violin and accordion, Argentinean Tangos, Boleros and Swings …

The ‘Nits Modernistes’ (Modernist Nights) will begin on 8th November and will last until 27th December. They will be held on Fridays at 8 pm and  will cost €39. The experience will begin with a guided tour of the entire Casa Navàs, ending at the shop where the dinner concert will take place. The dinner will be provided by Cal Borrull and will be paired with the white and red wine ‘Secretos de Mar’ by Clos Galena. This winery with international prestige continues to be committed to collaborating with Casa Navàs after the success achieved with the Premium Visits – guided visit and wine and vermouth tasting on the terrace – this August and September. In order to achieve a more authentic evening, all visitors are recommended to come dressed in etiquette.

October 30, 2019

If there is one drink that represents the city of Reus that is, without a doubt, vermouth. Vermouth is a white wine macerated with herbs that began to be produced in a traditional way by many families in the city during the eighteenth century. In the 1950s, Reus had around thirty producers who manufactured some fifty brands of vermouth, then the product experienced a decline and a few years ago the Vermouth from Reus appeared again achieving international recognition and prestige. So much so that today whoever visits the city does not leave without trying Reus Vermouth.

Following this idea, Casa Navàs will start the ‘Visites Vermut’ (Vermouth visits) the upcoming 16th of November. Every Saturday and Sunday, those who take the guided tour at 1 pm will have the option of staying a little longer on the terrace of the house tasting vermouths by Vermuts Miró. As was done with the Premium Visits this summer, Casa Navàs continues to collaborate with Vermuts Miró to bring this genuine drink from the city to visitors. The ‘Visita Vermut’ costs €15 and will include a tasting of  the Vermut Miró Blanco, the Vermut Miró Roig and the Vermut Miró Reserva. The evening will be enlivened by a musical selection and there will be a small snack. If the weather does not allow the tasting on the terrace, it will be transferred to the old fabric shop of Casa Navàs. The ‘Visites Vermut’ will last until June.

October 30, 2019

Casa Navàs closes the summer season with record figures. In total, 10,868 people have visited this modernist gem during the months of July, August and September, which means there has been an increase of 156% in relation to the previous year. Looking beyond the numbers, we would highlight the high level of visitor satisfaction and, for them, the most impressive thing is being able to venture inside the only modernist house in the whole of Europe that still conserves its original interior.

The majority of the visitors to Casa Navàs during the summer months were international. At 3,836 people, they represent 35,3% of all visitors. The owner of Casa Navàs very positively values this fact as it means that the house is becoming more and more internationally known. And, as usual, the number one on the podium goes to the French, as 40,62% of international visitors come from our neighbouring country. Next come the Russians with 16,32% and, lagging quite far behind, come the British, Belgians and Germans.

The majority of visitors coming to Casa Navàs continue being from Catalonia. This summer, 3,584 Catalans, 32,98%, wanted to discover this emblem of European modernism. Nearly 34% came from Barcelona, 9,7% from Tarragona, 6% from Lleida and around 2% from nearby towns like Cambrils and Salou. The rest of the national visitors are spread throughout the Catalan region in smaller percentages.

Finally, tourists from the rest of the Spanish state represent 15,80% of the total summer visitors. From these 1,717 people, 19% have come from the Community of Madrid, 15% from Valencia, 14% from Aragon and 13% from the Basque Country.

Reus visitors increase

Local visitors are increasingly opting for this cultural emblem in the city of Reus. 15,74% of all visitors to Casa Navàs, which means 1,711 people, are from Reus. In fact, if we analyse visitor profiles as per where they are from and type of ticket bought (general, over 65, students….); people from Reus with a general entrance ticket have been the largest profile group visiting the house these summer months. This is good news for Casa Navàs because it means that, step by step, the people from Reus are getting to know about this modernist gem and feel more identified with it.

Premium Visits

In August, Casa Navàs launched its Premium Visits, guided visits with vermouth and wine tasting on the terrace. The initiative has been a total success and most days the “sold out” sign was hung up and, therefore, it was decided that the initiative should be extended to the end of September. Given this good reception, the management at Casa Navàs is working on new proposals in order to offer the visitor the chance to enjoy the work of Lluís Domènech i Montaner in a different way.

October 25, 2019

After the slogan: “Give Casa Navàs as a present this Christmas”, the house offers citizens different gift vouchers so that anyone who wants to can buy, with a discount, either tickets, the large format book: La Casa Navàs, by Lluís Domènech i Montaner, or the collection of poems written by Maria Font de Rubinat: Vivint a Casa Navàs. 1982-1998.

Gift vouchers can be purchased from Thursday 6 December at Casa Navàs and must be exchanged for tickets at the Reus Tourist Office.

October 21, 2019