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Do I have to book the ticket in advance?

There is no obligation, if there are free tickets they can be purchased the same day. However, at weekends it is recommended to book them in advance, as the visits are practically always full.

How can I book tickets?

At the Reus Gaudí Centre Tourist Office (Plaza del Mercadal, 3) or by calling 977 010 670.

Where can I buy tickets?

At the Reus Gaudí Centre Tourist Office (Plaza del Mercadal, 3).

Is the visit free?

No, it is only possible to do the guided tour. They start every hour on the dot.

How many people enter per hour/visit?

The maximum capacity is 18 people.

In what languages can the visit be done?

In Catalan, Spanish, English and French. We also provide the explanations of the rooms in Russian and German.

Is it possible to visit the shop?

No, it is not possible at the moment.

Is it possible to take photographs?

Only in the entrance hall. We are studying the possibility of establishing some other points where to allow to photograph the spaces.

Is it possible to hire spaces in the house or the shop?

Yes, although it is necessary to study each one of the requests since it is a protected building. Those interested can send an email to info@casanavas.cat.

Is the house privately owned?

Yes. Two thirds belong to a businessman from Reus and one third to one of the heirs of the Navàs-Blasco family.

Was Casa Navàs built by Gaudí?

No, it was built by the architect Montaner 1908. Montaner was Gaudí’s teacher.

Is the furniture of the house original?

Yes, in fact, Casa Navàs is the only modernist building in Europe that preserves its original interior. Practically all the furniture is by the Mallorcan woodcarver Gaspar Homar.

Do people still live there?

No one has lived there for twenty years, the last person to live in the house was Mrs. María Font de Rubinat.